tomorrow talk and zine presentation in Berlin ))))


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zine presentation of
'ENTRETELA: Seamstress-Comic' 

'MADE IN SPAIN. Imprisoned Seamstresses' 

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At the beginning of this event Jessica Espinoza (Srta. Jess, Santiago de Chile/Barcelona) will present her independent investigative and creative work with which she tries to write and to visualise a collective memory of the underground work of women textile workers from a resistant perspective. Her work deals with a creative discussion of realities in which many women earn their economic income by means of informal methods and the self-management of their work. The investgiation of this economic-cultural situation is often limited to the problem of a 'precarisation of the work of women of a rural origin'. Not even at an artistic level those investigations have helped to create an active and empowered figure of the women textile worker. With her graphic works Jessica vitalises fictitious and real imageries of the figure of a semastress with an own politicised, sexualised and resistant voice. She tries to give voice to those seamstresses who 'broke out of the mould', voices that identify patriarchy through directly and brutally experiencing it, because they are poor and because as migrants they do not possess a westernised basic formation. This is about voices that haven't only found a job in textile production, but that display publicly -and in their best dresses!!!- a micropolitics of resistance from the self-management of workers-rights to neighbourhood work and the creation of local and transgressive imageries. The focus is thereby put on the presentation of Jessica's experience with the organisation of the 'Biennial of needle and thread” (Bienal de Aguja e Hilo, 2011-2015), as well as on the presentation of her recetly finished 'Seamstress-Comic”, published in zine form.

During the second part of the event Stefanie Fock (Hamburg/Barcelona/Granada) presents the english-spanish re-edition of the collective zine 'MADE IN SPAIN. Imprisoned Seamstresses'. MADE IN SPAIN is a project produced in 2013 as a collective collaboration from both sides of the prison walls, and in form of an exhibition for the 'Biennial of needle and thread' en Barcelona. The aim wasn't to question the biennial's approach of a resistant and transgressive perspective on textile work, but to broaden it with stories of imprisoned people who can't be among us neither at those kind of events nor in everyday life, and who are therefore often forgotten. In the context of the alleged function of prisons as systems of social reintegration textile work is a part of a system of criminalisation and control in which the figure of the transgressive woman has a double negative connotation: she doesn't only transgress law, but also social normas through which the role of the woman in society is regulated. On the one hand, the project MADE IN SPAIN orginated from the practical need of some persons to speak about their own experiences as prison semastresses. On the other hand, and from outside prison, some people tried to face the reality of women prisons from a gender perspective which takes on a critical position to the prison regime and to the concept of social reintegration, and which is able to put the invisible threads between prison and sewing into a historical context.

At the end of the event there will be time for a collective debate around the presented topic, and about the zine as a means of distribution of independet and visual investigations.